Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What is YOUR Passion?

That was the question one of the guys asked one evening during his lesson last week at camp and it’s something (in addition to some other things) that I have been doing a lot of thinking about lately.

The speaker asked some campers to write down what their passion is. One of them wrote about their passion for running (they were obviously a passionate writer too). Another wrote about her love for God. And the whole time he’s reading their responses, I found myself trying to think about something I am just as passionate about and I could not think of one single thing.

When I was a child up through junior high, I was passionate about drawing and painting. When I was in high school, I was passionate about acting. I bet many of you are kind of surprised to know that I actually was very active in theater when I was in high school – both on stage and behind the scenes. I had a couple of leading roles and even received a few acting awards, but it was a passion that died when I started college. I guess it was more of hobby. For a while in my life, I was passionate about photography – thought I wanted to be a photographer, but then my world fell apart and by time I had picked up all the pieces, making a career of it no longer appealed to me.

I think what bothers me most is that I used to be passionate about serving others. I used to love to teach bible class. I never passed up a service opportunity. Not that these are now things that I have no desire to do, but I don’t seek them out like I used to.

So, I have had this question on the back of my mind for about a week now. What am I passionate about? I seem to have found myself in a place of…well, I can’t think of a word, but I’m just kind of unexcited, unmotivated about everything. I just get up and go through my day and just try to be content with the things I cannot change. But I’m bound and determined to find SOMETHING I’m passionate about. SOMETHING I can get excited about. I need to do something because I’m slowly becoming more pathetic than the stereotypical old maid with a thousand cats because, I can’t stand cats, which means that she at least has something to keep her company. I don’t even have that!!!

It’s something I’m praying about, amongst other things. I swear the older I get, the more complicated it gets.

So in the meantime, while I’m searching for my passion, I’d be curious to hear what your passions are. Maybe it will spark something. Couldn’t hurt.

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