Monday, February 19, 2007


This is somewhat creepy, but when the wind blows outside, the rafters in our building (like most buildings) creak a lot. Thing is, its louder in my office than anywhere for some reason. It’s kind of creepy sometimes because it sounds like the ceiling is going to fall in on top of me, but I’ve gotten used to it and don’t usually notice it. But today, Andy was in my office and was really thrown by it. Because he noticed it, I’m noticing it more today and it’s making me nervous.

Though I don’t really remember it happening, I’m told that as a child, twice I had near misses with the ceiling falling in on me. It was the house my parents bought when I was little. The first time, it happened in my bedroom – right before my mom took me in to lay me down for my nap. The second time it was my parent’s bedroom just a few days later. I had just been in there (and they thought I still was) when it happened. You know how there are those people who just randomly have the same accident numerous times in their lives (like being struck by lightning). I hope ceilings crashing in isn’t the “random accident” attracted to me.

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