Friday, February 16, 2007

Final Thoughts for the Week

It's Friday (thank goodness) and here are are my two biggest epiphanies for the end of week:

First, if it weren't for Anna Nicole Smith, Entertainment Tonight would have absolutely nothing to run on their show. For weeks (if not months) they have done nothing but talk about all the scandal following the death of her son, the birth of her daughter, and now the death of her. The did an interview with her recently and they have gotten more mileage out of that interview. For someone who respectively did nothing of value with her life, she sure is getting a lot media coverage.

Second, men are pigs. I know this isn't news to many of you, but I was reminded of this fact in a major way twice this week. First incident was the guy from Quill Office Supply who came to try to get us to start using their company. The entire time I was explaining why we could not use their company, he kept staring at my chest. He's look me in the eye for a few seconds at a time and that was it. I wanted to tell him "seriously dude, there's nothing there." I was starting to get paranoid that there was something on my shirt...there wasn't. Second incident was today in the Arby's drive-thru. The man in front of me kept staring at me through his mirror. At first I just thought it looked that way, then I thought maybe it was someone I know (it wasn't), then he started doing the Joey from "Friends" head nod how you doing thing. I might have been flattered if it wasn't for the wedding ring. Plllleeeaaassseee!

So, that's all I have this fine Friday afternoon. Seven more minutes and I get to go HOME!

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