Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Fun Never Ends

A comment from Tams made me realize I need to write an update to the dryer and the painting.

First the dryer…

I guess the fact that I was brave enough to attempt to take the dryer apart counts for something, but I wasn’t too successful. First I managed to get the top off with a little bit of effort. Getting the front off proved to be a little more difficult. There were these two sets of wires plugged into each other and I had to unplug them before I could remove the front panel. They were not made to unplug easily. This would count for the first phone call for help. Eventually, I figured out how to get them apart and got the front panel off without incident.

Now comes the fun part. I had to figure out exactly what I had to oil. Hence the second and third phone calls for help. I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to motors, so I wasn’t sure what the shaft was. After doing some entertaining descriptions of what I was looking at, my brother managed to help me figure out what to oil (even gave me some helpful tips to make sure I didn’t get any oil in the motor.)

I then proceeded to put the front cover back on. Problem was, I didn’t pay close enough attention to how the drum fit around the door, so I made the fifth phone call for help to my Uncle Roger. Though quite mechanical, he had never taken a dryer apart before, so he wasn’t sure how the drum was supposed to attach either. I decided to do what looked logical and put the dryer back together and turned it on. The squeak was gone, but there were now two new sounds that sounded worse than the squeak! This resulted in call for help number six. I held the phone up to the dryer so that Roger could hear it. Thankfully, he offered to come over later in the week and look at it.

On Thursday when Roger came over, I began to take the dryer apart (showing off my VAST new knowledge). I took the first screw out, laid it in the cabinet above the dryer and then proceeded to take the next screw out. Not sure how, but some how I dropped it and it went down the lint trap (to which Mgam & Randy both later suggested I turn it upside down and shake it. Thanks guys.) I looked at Roger and said, “I did NOT just do that.” To which he replied (laughing), “yes, you did.”

So we got the rest of the dryer apart. The belt had slipped out of place when I was putting it back together. Roger fixed that and we also discovered that I had put the cover back on wrong…but it did take two of us to get it back on correctly – so I didn’t feel to bad about that.

So far, the dryer seems to be working – even though I’m a little paranoid about every noise I hear now, not knowing if it’s normal or not.

Now the painting…

This really didn’t go too badly. It was a fun bonding experience with the new roommate.
We got it done pretty quickly (probably would have gotten done faster if we hadn’t spent so much time talking). At first the color looked really good. It was supposed to be a warm yellow color…something neutral. By Monday night when the paint had a chance to dry good, it became evident that what is on the wall does not look like the sample or what is on top of the can. Part of the problem is you can still see shadows of the blue that was underneath (despite to layers of Kilz). The color now looks more like a flesh tone crayon than what I desired it to be. It definitely needs another coat, but there really isn’t time to do that before the new roommate moves in, so it will be fine for now (with furniture, you won’t even be able to tell). I’ll probably try a different color when I try painting it again.

For now, I’m just focused on getting the woodwork painted white in that room (half way there) and getting the cabinet doors and the door to the laundry room painted and put back up (also half way there). I feel like all I do is paint right now and I REALLY need to clean up my room. Maybe this weekend. =o)

Oh, and by the way, the edge paint roller from Shure Line is a big waste of money. Way too frustrating!

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