Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just Info


First and foremost, I am SOOO annoyed right now with the girl that cut my hair. I wanted some of the length taken off, but still long enough that I could pull most of it up. I can barely pull any of it back. I guess it’s not bad and it will grow, but I really didn’t want it this short and with as humid as it is today, it looks…well, not good.

Frankly what it came down to was that she was in too big of a hurry to get started and really didn’t take that time to listen to what I wanted. By time she took her first snip with the scissors, I knew I needed to start preparing myself for a shorter than desired hair cut. At first I just thought it was because it was a change and it wasn’t as short as I thought it was. By time I did it myself on Saturday, I realized it WAS as short as I thought it was.

I have decided that has been my frustration with hair stylists since Leslie (the lady that cut my hair for about 10 years) left. None of them listen. I’ve done okay if I just want a trim, but if I want any change what so ever, I never get what I went it wanting and then 1) spend the next few months trying to get it to grow FASTER and 2) dreading getting it cut again for fear of what I will come home with. It would be so much better if they would cut less and then cut more if I want it shorter than to cut it too short. That was the funny thing this stylist said when she was done “do you want me to cut it shorter?” Uh, no.

Home Improvement Update

Yesterday I took the day off work (because I had to work most of the weekend) and put up the base boards in my living room. I still need to put up the quarter round around the fireplace and one other location (I would have done it yesterday, but changed my mind about what I wanted to do and didn’t have enough stuff to complete the job and didn’t want to spend any more money till I get paid again). I also have a little quandary about what do with both entry ways. I bought a riser to put between the living room and dining room, but I haven’t decided how to attach it. The ideal way would be pretty permanent and since I still plan on putting tile in there and the riser was pretty expensive, I don’t want to have to purchase another one later on. I also have the same problem with the entry way into the living room. It will require purchasing two risers and splicing them together and I don’t want to spend the money at this point. I’m thinking about just getting a long carpet runner and putting that in the entry way to cover up the space between the laminate and the carpet till I have the money to purchase the tile. Decisions, decisions!

I also had my first major home improvement physical injury yesterday. No, I didn’t cut anything off with a saw (though the land lord for the place next door came walking around the corner of my house and scared me to death as I was using the miter saw). I actually injured myself with a hammer. I was nailing the base board to the wall in an awkward corner and I guess my middle finger got in the way and I hit it hard. Really hard. So hard I split my finger open on the side. I debated about whether or not I should go get stitches (especially since it was gushing blood), but didn’t want to get there and find out that stitches wouldn’t do much good and be out the co-pay. So I cleaned it really good and have been keeping a band aid on it tightly. I’d take a picture, but it’s pretty gross and it is my middle finger, so I’ll spare you. Can I say it’s hard to type or wash your hair with a band aid on the tip of your finger.

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