Monday, September 08, 2008

Turkey, Jesus, and the Dressing Mishap

Nope, I’m talking about Thanksgiving (though that topic did come up Saturday night).

Friday evening I ran to the grocery store really quick before I had to be over at Jenn’s house to set up for the garage sale we were having the next day (more on that later). Most of what I bought was not perishable and could be left out until I got back home later that evening with the exception of a rotisserie chicken and some ground turkey. I thought I stuck both in the refrigerator, but when I went into the kitchen at 10:30 that evening, I noticed that turkey was still sitting on the stove…and it was definitely room temperature. I was so mad at myself. That was a key ingredient in what was supposed to be my dinner/lunch a couple of evenings this week.

Saturday was great garage sale weather and though I didn’t get rid of as much as I hoped or make as much as I would have liked, I did get rid of some stuff that I was tried of having around AND I made enough money to make up for the discarded ground turkey and to pay for my movie later that evening with a little money to spare.

I actually like having garage sales with Jenn. We get each other’s sense of humor and have lots of fun people watching. We had a few key items we wanted to get rid of, so as people would start to walk up we would chant something like “you want a stereo” “you want a lawn mower” and the best “you want to buy Jesus”. I had this ink print picture of Jesus set in glass that one of my Polish students gave me YEARS ago. I packed it away somewhere and forgot about it until I was going through some boxes recently. It really doesn’t go with the rest of my décor, so I thought surely it would sell at a garage sale. The picture kind of freaked Jenn out, so we were both anxious for it to sell. On a couple of occasions one of us would make the comment, “I can’t believe no one has bought Jesus.” Her almost 5-year-old daughter obviously heard us at one point because when she got back from her soccer game, she walks in the garage and say “I can’t believe no one has bought Jesus!” Maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny. She also couldn’t believe no one had bought my “Spicy Christmas Tree Candles” (a.k.a cheap stinky cedar tree candles in a Christmas tin.)

Saturday evening I went to see “Traitor” with Suzy & Eric (really good movie by the way). I got to the mall early because I wanted to try to find a jacket. The second store I went into was Macy’s. I didn’t find a jacket, but I found a top that I thought was cute and decided to try it on, but didn’t like it after all, and so I put my shirt back on and went on trying to find a jacket. I noticed that people were looking at me funny, but didn’t give it a lot of thought. When I finally met up with Suzy, the first thing she says is “did you know your shirt is on inside out?” Yes, I had been walking through the mall wearing a black shirt with white tags inside out! It’s a good thing I don’t go to the mall much!

Thankfully, Sunday was uneventful. Oh, wait, it wasn’t. My phone has started messing up again and my alarm started going off randomly during the closing prayer Sunday night. I could hear it faintly, but didn’t want to open my purse because then I knew it would get really loud. I think it’s time to get a new phone.


jenn b said...

By my count, that's the 2nd time in just over a week you put something on inside out! Remember the shorts when we went swimming!?
Oh and Kayla thought somebody bought Jesus since it was gone that night and I said no Stacey took it back home with her and she asked me as serious as could be "Why doesn't Stacey want Jesus?". Oh my, I won't relay that whole conversation, just leave it at you already have Jesus in your heart! ;)

Stacey said...

Oh, I forgot about the shorts!!! LOL!!! I have problems.

Poor K! If she grows up with a warped sense of humor, I'm going to be partially to blame. Bless her heart! Thanks for explaining where I keep Jesus.