Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yes I watched The Bachelor this season…

And I’m mad! I’ve never followed this reality show much. I’ve usually only watched the last couple of episodes (if that) of the season. But I felt really bad for this year’s bachelor when he got dumped in a previous season (even though I hadn’t really followed the show that year).

I actually enjoyed watching it this year and really got in to it. I really liked Jillian and Melissa and was bummed when he let Jillian go but felt like I knew who he would pick and was excited when I was right and it was Melissa. I thought she was a good choice for him. But I have never been so mad as I was last night when he ended it with her the way he did AND turned right around and started pursuing Molly!

I’ll be honest…I got pretty emotional about this one. I can kind of relate with Melissa. No I’ve not met, dated, and got engaged to someone on TV – but there were some similarities to her break-up situation and I really felt for her. Can I just say the cruelest thing I guy can do to a girl when he breaks up with her is to tell her “it’s not you, you’re perfect.” As girls, if this happens enough times and we’re not totally narcissistic, then we know that obviously there is something wrong with us and the kindest thing the guy can do is be honest instead of trying to spare our feelings. Give us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

I do have to give her props for handling herself with dignity and grace and hope the next guy that comes along is a keeper. But if they offer her the opportunity to be the next Bachelorette, she needs to decline. She’ll probably just face more heartache. It rarely ends well in the long run.

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OK Chick said...

I watched the show too. I couldn't believe he went after Molly.