Monday, June 29, 2009

If I Ever Have Children

I HOPE that I am able to raise them in such a way that they don’t feel entitled. It really drives me nuts when I encounter teens or college students that feel the rest of the world needs to yield to them.

Today’s experience at the grocery store is what has me so fired up at the moment. Sadly, it’s not the first time I’ve had this experience. The parking lot of said grocery store has weird traffic flow to be able to exit. I had been sitting there waiting for my turn to pull into the lane I needed to be in when a college girl in a pick up truck decided that she shouldn’t have to wait and cuts me off. Then before I had a chance to pull in behind her the teenage girl coming from the other direction also felt she didn’t need to wait and cut me off again. Seriously?!?!

I was fuming and wanted to yank them out of their cars and ground them (hey, it’s what my dad would have done to me), but since you can’t exactly do that I just called them stupid spoiled brats. I’m sure it didn’t faze them one bit.

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