Friday, July 31, 2009

Just When I Thought They Couldn't Outdo Themselves

This was the message left of my Facebook this morning by my neighbor/friend Krista:

So...what is that weird blue thing covering your neighbors front door? I've noticed it the last couple mornings when I've been leaving for work and I keep forgetting to ask.

Yes as if the "garden" in the front yard wasn't enough, my neighbors have taken yet another step in attempt to win the "Eye Sore of the Neighborhood" award (they're competing with Jason & Krista's neighbor).

To get the full affect...let's take a look at my half of the yard...

Now let's look at their half of the yard...

The blue thing is (to the best of my knowledge) is their cheap alternative for a screen door. When I saw it the other day, the door was open and I thought it was painters tape and that they were doing some work in their house. Nope, it's just a tack-it-up yourself, screen door alternative. It zips up the middle.

The plants by the front porch are cherry tomatoes. The other thing I thought was a weed, but now I think it's some sort of melon plant. I guess because I tore down their melons that were growing up the side of MY house last summer, they decided to try the front yard. I used to be annoyed by the maple tree they had growing in that spot (and then tried to transplant in the middle of the front yard and then moved to their backyard).

My neighbors are nice enough, but they drive me NUTS with the piano playing at all hours, the what sounds like the moving of furniture late at night, and the running up and down the stairs.

On a much happier flowers in the front flower bed are doing MUCH better this time around!

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OK Chick said...

Your neighbors are nuts. The blue screen door thing freaked me out when I came over last week.