Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Days

Some days it doesn't pay to be a home owner. I'm thinking this is one of those days. I went to switch my laundry from the washer to the dryer this morning and found a piece of plastic laying on the bottom of the washing machine. After some investigation, I discovered it came off the piece in the middle of the washer (the thing that agitates the water...that I'm now "agitated" about).

First thought was to ignore it, quickly followed by the fact that there is now a sharp edge in my washing machine and I can't imagine that will be good for the life of my clothes. So I'm thinking of attempting the following (in this order): 1) Super glue. Hey, it's worth a try. 2) sanding down the sharp could work. 3) Check into what it would cost to replace the part. Part of me is thinking that it will cost more than I paid for the washer and dryer since I bought them, practically new, from family members who made me a REALLY good deal.

I wish the washing machine was my only immediate issue I encountered this morning. After switching the laundry, I went to turn on the light in the kitchen and "POP"! The last working light bulb in my light fixture burned out. I know what you're thinking...1) it's just a light bulb and 2) why hadn't I already replaced the other bulbs that were burned out? WEEELLLL...I tried that at Thanksgiving since I had another set of hands around (aka Mom), but the globe wouldn't come off the light fixture to change the light bulbs. There HAS to be a way to do it, but unlike most light fixtures, there isn't anything to unscrew. We tried just popping it off like my brother suggested, but it kept pulling the whole thing loose from the ceiling. I've never really liked this light fixture to begin with because it's ugly and it is hard to keep clean. I highly suspect that I will be purchasing a new light fixture this weekend and installing it. Not really what I had planned for this weekend, but I'll just add it to the list of "to do's" along with taking down the outdoor Christmas lights (sorry, but the weather has not been cooperative enough to do this sooner) and getting a jump on cleaning house for next weekend's Pampered Chef Party.

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Everyone should wish Stacey a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was yesterday! Happy Birthday!