Friday, January 08, 2010

Stop Already

This is the conversation that took place when I went to the allergist this afternoon:

Allergist: Did you have a baby? (FYI, I've been seeing this doctor for 5 years)

Me: No.

Allergist: Do you have any children?

Me: No, but I still hope to someday.

Allergist: Are you trying to get pregnant?

Me: No, I'm not even married yet.

Allergist: So, that shouldn't stop you.

Me: Well, I would prefer to do it that way.

Allergist: Just remember, you're not getting any younger.

SERIOUSLY!?!?! Did I really need that reminder with the impending birthday coming up in less than 20 days? And even more, my child-bearing plans had absolutely no relevence to this appointment. I was just there so she could look up my nose. Sheesh!

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OK Chick said...

Ha! Sorry!