Tuesday, January 05, 2010

To Bad, You Missed It

Well, I had this really long post typed up in MS Word explaining why I have been absent from blogging with a quick run down of everything that happened (and didn't happen) the month of December, but I've tried for two days now and this stupid (I'm an adult, I can say stupid) site won't let me copy and paste anymore and it is too long for me to retype (nor do I want to retype it). So I will leave you with this little story instead...

Unless you live under a rock (or in a state other than Oklahoma) you are highly aware of the blizzard that hit on Christmas Eve and squashed many Christmas plans (side note, I was in fact able to leave town before they started closing roads, but it was a nerve wracking trip home...but I made it safe and sound). Anywho, I returned home to find a 3 foot drift on my front porch and a slick, snow filled driveway. The porch I could deal with, the driveway not so much. My driveway is steep, so if it is the slightest bit slick, I can't get into my garage very easily. After some work I did manage to get in and decided to leave driveway maintenance for the next day.

Tuesday morning I got up and was shoveling the driveway when the mailman showed up. I was walking down to the mailbox when he says "Be careful. You fell last year." Much to my dismay, this was the same mailman who witnessed this escapade on my birthday last year. I obviously made an impression on more than just my tailbone!


OK Chick said...

I had a sweet guy come shovel my driveway, while I was at work. I gave him food for exchange. I highly recommend this approach.
But good job for shoveling your own driveway. And to be honest, I shoveling half by myself, but I wanted the rest shoveled before the "2nd storm" came through town, which the 2nd storm didn't even happen.

Stacey said...

Wish I knew a sweet guy that would do that for me. I can't even bribe the guys I know with food. ;o)