Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Die Flies!

I have had the crappiest day! (Sorry, I know some consider any form of the word "crap" a bad word, but well, it's the worst word I use and today it was appropriate. Read on, you'll see). Anyway, things were already unstable because I’ve just been in a funk for a while now and the last few days the “funkness” has been a little more prevalent.

I get to work this morning, things start out pretty normal – not wonderful, but a level of annoyances that I’ve become accustomed to, so I don’t really notice them much any more. Then all of a sudden, it all hit. Everyone needed something. The Illustrator software we had purchased from a discount site because my original version was “borrowed without permission and not returned”, informed me that my access code was not valid. I called Adobe (as I was instructed by the pop-up menu to do) and discovered that in fact, my access code was not valid and they could not do anything to help me AND I got lectured by the customer service guy for purchasing a discount version instead of their upgrade for $699. I informed him that I worked for a church and that Adobe will not allow us to qualify for charity pricing (long story) and that I was left with no other choice at the moment since they no longer sold media for the version I had.

I get off the phone and try to find a phone number for the company we purchased it for. Nothing. This is when I realize that I never received a receipt or the actual media disk I ordered (they sent me the download online). Hmm, Sherlock, I think we’ve been duped! I call our IT guy who tells me to try emailing the company. I’ve yet to get a helpful answer from them. We’ll see.

While I am still on the phone, 3 people come into my office at different times to tell me the copier isn’t working. I go check. Can’t fix it. Call the repair guy. He’s in Ponca City and won’t be at our office till noon. Hang up. More people proceed to inform me of the obvious – the copier isn’t working.

Then someone else comes into my office to tell me her screen just went blue and her computer is making funny noises. I got to make her day better by telling her that her hard drive just crashed. I love spreading the joy!

At this point, I decided it was time for break, so I go to the server room to change the tapes and pick up another laptop that I need to switch over. I come back into my office to find the visiting missionaries kids rummaging through my office. I love Alan & Robin, but their kids are a little wild – especially after being on the plane for days and in a new place. Normally I wouldn’t have been as freaked out by this, but my office is FULL of computers right now because we’re doing this big upgrade and I already wasn’t having the best luck that day.

This is all before 10:30 this morning. Since my day was not going well and I still hadn’t started the bulletin, I had to call my friend, Jenn, and reschedule our lunch for tomorrow.

The two hours were a blur. I decided I needed to leave for a few minutes and go grab something to eat. I had left over pizza at home, so I would just go heat that up and rush back to work.

When I got to my house, I walk into the kitchen and see yet another pesky fly. I go to get the fly swatter and look up and there are LOTS of pesky flies. My window is covered with big black flies. I freak. I look at the patio door. It’s also covered with big black flies. I freak some more! I have no clue what happened but some how, my house had become infested with black flies since I left for work this morning. I called my mom, who told me to call a pest control company. So I call the guy who sprays our office. He tells me to go get a bug bomb and set it off in my kitchen. Since I’ve also has problems with other insect type creatures lately, he told me he’d come out next week and spray for me, but that the bug bomb was my best bet at the moment b/c I don’t want them to multiply.

Great! Bug bomb means having to wash all the dishes in the kitchen before I can use them again. So I call work and tell them I’m going to be awhile, go to Lowe’s and buy bug bombs and plastic sheeting to cover some things in the kitchen. Go home, cover stuff with plastic sheeting, and as I’m setting off the bomb I yell out “die flies!” Dumb I know, but I wasn’t of sound mind by this point.

Around 3:30, I go back to my house to open it up so it can air out before I get home and there were dead flies EVERYWHERE. When I lifted the blinds in the kitchen to open the window, there was this long black line of dead (or almost dead) black flies just laying there. Some of them wiggling their legs in the air. And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. But as I type, I dread going home knowing that I have all of this mess to clean up before church tonight. YUCK!!!

So, here is what I was thinking on my way back to work. Things have been crappy lately. I’m burnt out at work, I’m worried about my mom as she tries to sell her house (that’s probably a post in itself), and life itself has just been tough lately. I need something exciting to take place. I need a really GREAT date. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. The kind of date that you get really excited about beforehand. The kind of date that you have such a great time you don’t want it to end. The kind of date where you go home and fall asleep with a smile on your face. Come on girls, you know the kind of date that I’m talking about. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what you do on the date, but just the person you spend it with. Realistically, I don’t foresee this happening for me anytime soon, but it sure would be nice.

So tonight, when your reach for a glass in your cupboard without a second thought, think of me – who will be washing all of her dishes before she can use them! I’m so dreading this!!!!!

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Krista said...

This is pretty much how my life has been going the past few days as well...minus the flies. If you get that great date let me know. I can live vicariously through you.