Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sorry Locks of Love

Yeah, I gave in and cut it. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it’s close enough that once it grows out a little, adjustments should be easy to make. It’s definitely pretty a lot shorter, but I like it. It’s a lot cooler and a lot easier to take care of right now. For those of you sad that I cut it, well, I’m sure I’ll grow it out again some day. It’s this constant trend that I have…grow it out, cut it off.

As for the before and after pictures…they’ll have to wait. Suzy gave me one from the Survivor Dinner with my hair still long (also with a dorky look on my face – maybe it’s because of the person I was looking at). But I went to take a picture of myself and it looks really bad. My hair looks flat and I look like I have a double chin, but I’m having my directory picture taken next week, so if that turns out, I’ll scan that one in when I get it back.

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