Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So Proud of Myself!

Score one for the do-it-yourself team (which would be me)! This weekend I faced my fears and I replaced my thermostat all by myself!!! My biggest obstacle was trying to figure out which switches on my fuse box went to my furnace and A/C (it’s not labeled properly as I found out when I tried to replace a light switch). So now I’m the new owner of a beautiful digital/programmable thermostat instead of the ugly ancient thing that came with the house and by the looks of it, probably original. I’m still trying to get the temperature programmed right (I know how to program it, just trying to find the right temperature).

Next project is to figure out the source of the stench under the sink and in the dish washer. I’ve tried pouring bleach down the garbage disposal, running vinegar in the dishwasher, Lysoling EVERYTHING, and searching for leaks under the sink. The only thing I haven’t done is pull the dishwasher out and look behind that. I think I’m nervous about what I will find.

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