Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just a note

If you are female and your job requires you to meet with clients for any reason (especially in the sales arena), here are a few very important fashion tips to adhere to.

1) Many offices are cold, wear an appropriate bra. Need I say more?

2) People pay more attention to your hands than you realize. If you’re going to be handing things to your potential client, make sure nail polish isn’t severely chipped. This is why I rarely wear nail polish on my fingernails, and if I do, it’s light. I work with my hands too much. Hot pink is very noticeable when severely chipped.

3) Pony tail holders around the wrist don’t look very professional…especially when you’re trying to sell expensive advertising.

Just a few things to take into consideration. Not trying to be tacky here, but it lessens your professional effectiveness when it is very obvious that you do not pay attention to detail.

Oh, and one more thing whether you are male or female. Many offices these days are “non-smoking” environments. If you’re a smoker, please try not to smell like an ash tray when you enter someone else’s office. The smell lingers and we have to light a candle or pull out the Lysol and listen to people walking into our office saying "what stinks?".


Anonymous said...

Can you please elaborate on #1? Seems to be over my head =)

Stacey said...

Not falling for that one!