Wednesday, September 20, 2006

College Randomness

I was reading Krista’s blog yesterday and she made the comment “no good decisions are made after 2 o’clock in the morning.” It’s true, we do weird things when we’re tired, stressed, sleep deprived and some how, being in college, surrounded by people who are in the exact state of mind, just becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of randomness. This got me to thinking about all the random things I did in college (with help sometimes), that probably lack in humor if you weren’t there, but were stink’in hilarious at the time. Here are some examples:

Chinese Christmas Decorations
At Thanksgiving my freshman year in college, my Grandma P gave me some Christmas decorations she had from when she used to work at the Senior Citizen Center. They were metallic looking, and were primarily red, gold and green. So we decided to hang them in the hallway between my room and Jenn’s room. It looked like a Chinese resturant. They were hideous, but they stayed up till we left for Christmas.

The Gong Show
My sophomore year, my roommate Jenn and I were listening to this “new song” on the radio that was just horrid. So I got up, grabbed a pan and started hitting it like they did in The Gong Show. The next time I went home, I brought back this small brass gong that my mom had and every time we thought a song was bad or someone was lacking talent, we’d hit the gong. Again, you had to be there, but it was funny.

My Song Writing Abilities
A little known fact about me is that I have a tendency to make up little songs when I’m bored. RARELY does anyone here them. Normally, I’m just singing them in my head, but occasionally – I bust out and share one of my little ditties with the world. My friend, Jenn (you know, she was a part of a lot of my random experiences in college), was fortunate enough to experience one of these performances. It was shorting after school started and I found myself bored, and laying on my bed. Since I was being left to my own devices, I picked up this pink metal basket that normally sat on my desk, and put in on my face. No reason. Just felt like it. (BTW, there is a picture out there somewhere of this event). This led me to spontaneously start singing the following song:

It’s time to get a date,
When you’re sitting on your bed
With a crate on your face.

Yeah, I won’t be making a career out of this.

Is there a statute of limitations on being punished for something you did in college? I hope so. I’d really hate to get sent to the Dean now. So here goes.

One night while living in the dorms, I was studying with my friend Tammy in the lobby. Some girls down the hall were fighting with their next door neighbors. Not sure what was going on, but the girls from one room kept going and banging on the door of the girls in the other room and yelling at them. This went on for a little while before it stopped. Don’t ask me why, but I decided that it would be funny to go bang on the door of the room of the girls who had been banging on the door of their neighbors. I convinced Tammy this would be a good idea (I didn’t have to work too hard to convince her). But instead of doing it ourselves, we convinced our friend Carrie Dawn to be the “knocker”. Tammy and I stood in the bathroom across the hall and held the door open while Carrie Dawn when and banged on the door. So Carrie Dawn bangs on the door, runs into the bathroom and we all hide in the toilet stalls (we needed an alibi).
Oh, it hit the fan then. We could here all kinds of yelling outside. We waited in the bathroom till things calmed down and then went back down the hall and continued to “study”. A few minutes later, our RA came and asked us if we saw anyone bang on the door down the hall. Of course we didn’t – we were “studying”. Our hall director had to come upstairs and intervene. I think one set of girls maybe even ended up moving to a different room. I don’t even know who lived in those rooms, so if you’re reading this, I really hope you don’t know who I am. And if you do, sorry. I’m going to plead boredom. =o)

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