Monday, September 11, 2006

My Lullaby Collection Needs Some Work

This weekend my friends came to visit with their 5 month old son. I put them in my room because it would be a lot more convenient for them with the baby and all. Recently, I took my portable CD player from work and brought it home because I never used it anymore. Tonna & Kael always play music softly in the room that Zaine is sleeping in, so when Tonna saw my CD player, she decided to turn it on. She looked down, and saw the nature sound CD case that was next to the CD player and assumed that was CD in the player. Instead, she discovered it was a Scary Sounds CD from Halloween last year (shows how long it had been since I used the CD part). We got a good laugh out of it when she told me the next morning.

Saturday night, she decided to put the nature sounds CD in. Zaine was asleep and we were all sitting downstairs watching TV when I started hearing birds. She told me she put the nature sounds CD in, but I just knew there was no way we’d be able to hear it all the way down stairs. But none the less, we kept hearing birds. Finally, Kael decides to go to bed and is standing at the foot of my stairs and it really sounded like it was coming from upstairs. So I went into the room where Zaine was sleeping and sure enough. The babbling brook part of the CD is really quiet – so Tonna had turned it up quite a bit, which made the bird sounds so loud we could hear it all the way downstairs. How he slept through that, I’m not sure.

Tonna informed me on Sunday that I really need to work on my lullaby collection.

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