Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's Time to GO!!!

I'm doing something this year I've never done before...I'm following American Idol from beginning to end (man, I bet you were expecting something more prophetic than that, weren't you?)

I think there are some good contenders this year. Several I would like to do well, but at this point, I really want Melinda Doolittle to do well. I think I just love how timid she was from the very beginning and how humble she still is and I love watching her start to realize that she is GOOD!!! But this isn't what this post is about.

The real issue today is Antonella Barba. She has GOT TO GO!!! I was kind of rooting for her in the beginning because she seemed to be in the shadow of her very obnoxious best friend and I wanted to see her make it and her watch her friend get a dose of reality. But really. The girl isn't that good. She's "high school talent show" good, but not American Idol good. Last week I was mad to see that she didn't get sent home. She sounded awful. And I think the judges were too because they kept saying "this is a singing competition."

There are a lot of reasons why she probably hasn't been voted off...but it's not because she can sing. She's had her 15 minutes, she has enough scandal surrounding her to give her a ticket into the Paris Hilton give it to her because that's where she's going to end up eventually anyway. Fame for who you are and not because of what you do annoys me.

So that's it. Just had to share my opinion with people who probably don't care. But that's fine. It's my blog. =0)


Krista said...

American Idol can be really addicting. I love watching it but somehow have only managed to see it on the nights when the guys sing. I don't know anything about the girls yet. All I know is that Blake Lewis is my favorite and he better make it really far into the competition.

Stacey said...

I like Blake Lewis...he is so much fun to watch. There are a few that even though they may not become the next American Idol, I would like to see them end up with a recording contract as a result of their time on the show.