Monday, March 12, 2007

Watch Out Extreme Make-Over (Okay, So Maybe Not)

Okay, I've added another "skill" to my repertoire. This weekend I FINALLY replaced the floor in my living room. We started at 2 p.m. Friday and finished around 3 p.m. Sunday. Of course we did take time to sleep and occasionally eat...but not much. We worked HARD. I have not been that tired in a long time. I didn't do too bad. I'm sure a professional could have done it better, but my mistakes will be easy to hide. I managed to only smash my finger 3 times (but it was 3 times in a row). I didn't cut any fingers off, and I only made one major boo boo cutting, but it wasn't significant. And it took EXACTLY 16 boxes with very little waste at the end. I still need to get the baseboards up and do some trim work before it's completely finished. I don't see myself quitting my day job anytime soon to do this for a living. I'm glad I did it because I feel a great deal of accomplishment, BUT it was so much work that it will be a while before I'll want to take on another task like that. Next major project (minus painting) will be tile...but it will be a long while before that happens.

Anyway, the pictures are the "before," "during," and "ALMOST after."

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