Friday, July 13, 2007

Reflections on the Week:

Good Moments:
The book I had been waiting on from Amazon finally came in. Might just have to take it to camp.

Coupon came in the mail today for something I needed to buy before I left for camp.

Found a runner for my entry way on Pottery Barn clearance – very cheap. Just hope it’s the colors it appears to be. Not that I couldn’t sell it on eBay, but I really like this one, so I want it to be the right colors.

Murphy’s Law Moments:
Gas tank was on empty last night so I went to get gas. Since gas prices had been rising and it was predicted they would be $3.50 by next week, I opted to fill up completely then instead of waiting before I left town. Today, gas prices were down 10 cents!

Inevitably it will start pouring down rain the second I get ready to go outside and stop as soon as I am in some sort of shelter (office, car, or home)

Ugh! Moment:
My brakes have squealed ever since I got them replaced a couple of years ago. Recently it had gotten worse. Monday, I had them worked on…new pads. Tuesday, still squealing (though not as bad). Wednesday they worked on them again…replaced the pads (under warranty), turned rotors, and oiled “stuff”. Today, still squealing. After $200, I’m just going to learn to deal with the squeal (ooh, that rhymed).

“Are You Kidding Me?” Moment:
Followed a girl in a car on my way to the post office yesterday that seemed to be quite “impressed” with herself. She had her rear-view mirror turned in such a way that she could always see herself. No baby in the back seat. Not trying to put on make-up while she was driving (thankfully). Mirror didn’t seem to be broken. She did though appear to take every opportunity to admire herself in the mirror. Vain much? It made me laugh.

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