Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm Getting Desperate People

Today's post comes from the great state of Kansas (which has WAY too much snow for my taste at this particular moment). I'm at my mom's this weekend celebrating my birthday with the fam.

Anywho, while driving last night, I was trying to contemplate my next post. My posts have been really lame lately, but there really hasn't been anything going on in my life worth writing about. And then this idea hit me...since I can't seem to come up with worthwhile topics on my own, I'm opening it up to my loyal readers (if I still have any). You suggest my topics. Ask me questions you think I should answer. The only rules are 1) keep it clean and 2) be nice. I of course reserve the right to choose what I respond to, though if I don't honor your request, I promise I probably have a really good reason.

And if this fails, be prepared for what is likely to be more lame posts.

P.S. Yes, this started out under a different title, but the original title sounded like an advice column.

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