Friday, February 22, 2008

Denim Dilemma

Today at lunch, I ripped the seat out of another pair of jeans. Not the same pair that I have ripped the seat out of 4 times already (my favorite pair, FYI). No, this was a different pair. And fortunately, it was as I was getting in my car, so no witnesses. But I am now down to one pair of jeans that don’t require the wearing of heels. This bums me out for 3 reasons…1) I don’t always want to wear heels, 2) I hate shopping for jeans, and 3) I put myself on an indefinite spending freeze.

With the exception of a dress this fall (that was less than $25), I have not bought clothes for myself since last summer (and even then, it was a gift card, so does that really count?) There were multiple reasons for this…no roommate, wanting to pay off debt, wanting to save as much as possible so I can finish some projects at home, save up for a new stove and furnace which are both on their last leg (stove will be MUCH cheaper to replace).

Granted it’s not been easy because my wardrobe is looking dated, but I keep telling myself I have clothes to wear and I don’t work in an environment where “fashionable” in expected. I’m thinking I might be checking out eBay again.

And P.S. it wasn't because they don't fit! They were actually loose, thank you very much!


OK Chick said...

Frankly, I'm concerned that you only have 1 pair of jeans. You need a back-up pair.

Stacey said...

I have 3 pair at the moment, but only one pair that doesn't require a heel of some sort. I'm working on it though.