Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Efficiency Dilemma

I’m not sure if people have every caught on to this personality trait of mine or not, but I am all about being efficient. I am always trying to figure out the best way to accomplish the most with the least amount of work. Running errands is always very well planned out for me. I almost can’t stand it if that plan gets derailed. I could go on and on about this, but you get the point.

Today is one of those days that efficiency is a necessity. We have our Relay Kick-Off this evening and I have several things that I need to accomplish before I have to be at our Kick-Off location. Ideally, the best plan would be to go home, load up everything I need from there, change clothes, go vote (and no, I still haven’t decided who I’m voting for), and then head to our Kick-Off location. The problem with that plan is that when I change clothes, it will be into a poodle skirt and I really don’t want to draw that much attention to myself when I go vote. So as much as it KILLS me to have to go out of my way this afternoon, I’m thinking there is no way around it.

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OK Chick said...

I sent you an email asking about Kick Off. I don't think my email is working. I hope it went well last night.