Monday, March 10, 2008

1 Weekend, 2 Heart Attacks

This was not a good weekend for my heart. It started Saturday morning when I woke at up a little after 7:00 a.m. and thought it was Sunday and that I had forgotten to change my clock and that was about to be late for church. I kept running around looking at every clock in my room, tried to figure out why the reminder on my cell phone didn’t go off, and kept trying to figure out if I was correct that if it was now actually 8:00 instead of 7:00. This went on for a couple of minutes until I started wondering “what happened to Saturday?” I hate it when that happens. =o(

The second heart attack took place this morning. About 6:30 I heard a crash and thought something fell off the wall in the bathroom. I got up to investigate and everything looked fine. So I went into the other bathroom down the hall…everything fine there. My next thought was that the mirror finally fell of the wall downstairs. I was about to go downstairs when I heard a noise in the empty bedroom. It was obvious there was a raccoon in the attic, but I thought certainly the trap didn’t make that much noise. Then I hear the raccoon overhead and realized it wasn’t in the trap. I then take a step further into the bedroom and low and behold laying on the floor in the closet was the entrance to the attic. This really freaks me out. I take a quick glance around the room to make sure I’m alone, and then I quickly closed the door to the closet and proceeded downstairs to find a chair to prop in front of the door to make sure that anything that comes out of that attic doesn’t make its way through my house. This afternoon Jay from work went with me to investigate the situation and more importantly fix the current pressing situation. And would you believe after all of that, no raccoon in the trap!!! But I have learned one lesson…the door to the closet will stay closed until this situation is resolved. I am not pressing my luck!


OK Chick said...

Stac...just go in your attic and shot the dang animal. I think you'd send a pretty loud and clear message to other animals in your neighborhood.

Stacey said...

I've considered but 1) I'm a LOUSY shot...always have been. And 2) I can't even begin to put into words how badly it freaks me out to even stick my head up there. I must have had a traumatic experience as a child that I repressed because attics freak me out...especially the kind I have. And the thing is, it's not always up there. This one has been really hard to catch compared to the others. I'm about ready to just fix the hole and hope he's not still in there when I do!