Monday, March 31, 2008

First Annual Me Week

Last week was the First Annual Me Week? What is “Me Week”? That is the week of work I took off to do stuff I needed/wanted to do. I must say, “Me Week” will probably become an annual tradition. So how did I spend my “Me Week”? Here is the rundown…

Easter Weekend
Me Week started a little early with a visit from Tonna, Kael and Zaine. I hadn’t seen them in over a year so it was a much anticipated weekend and lots of fun! We hung out with Tarren & Erin (Tonna’s brother/sister-in-law), did some Easter Egg hunting, went to the park, and ate LOTS. It was a fun weekend.

Monday was spent cleaning my bedroom. Yes, it took me all day, BUT I wasn’t just cleaning, I was cleaning out and I dusted/vacuumed everything. I started an eBay pile and a Goodwill pile.

Tuesday was another cleaning/cleaning out day. I also took a break to go meet my friend, Grace, for lunch in Bricktown.

This was the most eventful day of the week. It started Tuesday night when the fan on my furnace wouldn’t shut off, so I had to turn it off at the fuse box to keep it from running. I had plans around noon on Wednesday, so I got up early to get ready in hopes that I could get someone out before I had to leave to look at the problem. That didn’t happen, but he did make it out late that afternoon, so all was well (with the exception of an impending repair before next fall).

After lunch, I went to the zoo with my friend, Jenn, and her kids. I LOVE going to the zoo and it was a nice day to do it. We did have to do a little redneck rigging of the stroller to keep the sun off of Kyler, but it worked. The animals were more into napping than anything else, so we were only there a couple of hours.

The most eventful part came after dinner that evening. I had been sitting on the couch and went to get up to take my dishes to the kitchen and change clothes before church. I was wearing a pair of cargo pants that were rolled up to Capri length. Don’t ask me how I did this, but I got up, took a step (maybe two) then managed to get my foot caught in loop of my pants and fell flat on my face. I have a HUGE bruise on my left knee to prove it and a nice big rip in my pants. I guess it’s a good thing they weren’t one of my favorite pairs of pants. I’m thinking it need to get one of those “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” devices.

This was work outside day. I cleaned out my garage, pulled weeds in the flower bed, fixed the crack in the bird bath, sprayed my back yard for weeds, and THEN I went inside and started the paper shredding process.

This was my last official cleaning day. I cleaned the kitchen and mopped/vacuumed/dusted everything downstairs. By Friday evening, I decided my work was done and didn’t do much the rest of the weekend.

Must say, I’m impressed with myself. I completed all but two items on my list and that was just because I couldn’t complete them. I know most of you could think of better ways to spend a week off, but when you can’t afford to go on a vacation, it’s a good way to spend a week away from the office. Me Week is definitely going to become a new tradition.


Jenn said...

You forgot to mention one other event that could only happen to you...being pooped on by a bird upon walking out of the Island Life building at the zoo!!!

Stacey said...

Oh! I did forget about that. The falling upstaged it. That was an eventful day!