Monday, March 03, 2008

They’re Baaack!

Oh yes blogger world, you guessed it…my non-rent paying residents decided to move back in over the weekend (see posts about this time two years ago).

Saturday morning, a little after 2 a.m., I wake up out of a deep sleep to hear that familiar sound of something walking around overhead and making it’s nest in the corner of my bedroom. Unlike the first time, I wasn’t freaked out…I was MAD! So I did the only thing I could think of…I stood on my bed and proceeded to pound on the ceiling until it moved. Then I laid there the rest of the night have irritated that they were back and half freaked out because the ceiling below the section of attic they seem to be attracted to is starting to sound weak and I don’t want a raccoon falling through the ceiling and landing in my bedroom. As I described it to my brother, it would be like that car commercial where the guy is locked in the car with the badger. Not good.

Saturday morning, I got up and went outside to see where it was getting in at, and sure enough, it was the same spot it got in the last time (which is not on my property, but the unit next to mine). Either the previous owner didn’t do a very good job of fixing it or those raccoons are persistent little boogers (I think it’s the latter). To make things more interesting, my new neighbors are Asian and the husband is freaked out by animals of any kind. When they moved in and I told them about my original experience with the raccoons, he looked panicked. Since I want this fixed permanently and quickly this time, I went next door and explained the situation and told him I would fix it if it was okay with them. I figured it will be a whole lot cheaper for me to fix it than to keep calling a pest control company out to remove raccoons.

Thankfully I haven’t heard the raccoons since Saturday. It doesn’t mean they’ve left all together, just means they haven’t been hanging out where I can hear them. The next step is to set a trap to be sure I caught the raccoon (I actually think there is only one up there so far…but I don’t want friends moving in). Since I don’t have anything to do with my attic – which includes sticking any part of my being through the opening – I’m hoping I can bribe a friend of mine with cookies and that he’ll come do it for me.

Once said raccoon has been relocated, I’ll be able to fix the opening under the eve. The next task will be to figure out a way to keep them from coming back. I am told that if I spray coyote urine (yes, that’s correct) in my attic, they’ll stay away. One, I’m not exactly sure where you buy such a product and two, I’ll owe my brother big time IF I’m able to talk him into going back up there (you know, after his whole finding a snake in my attic ordeal).

I guess the raccoons have been reading my posts lately and noticed how lame they had become and decided I needed a little excitement in my life. Thanks, but no thanks!


Jake Haskew said...


Love your blog, although its not on my RSS feed I visit it regularly for a good laugh. You can buy the "repellent" at Bass Pro Shop I believe. I have not run across any raccoons here in V-Town but they do have hedgehogs. How do you say coyote urine in Deutsch? We haven't learned that yet.

Stacey said...

LOL! You are asking the wrong person how to say anything in any language other than English (and I seem to have trouble with that at times.)

OutsidersIn said...

Having your home smell like urine sounds a little coyote ugly to me. I think it's funny that your neighbors are scared of animals of any kind, so you're coming to their rescue.

Stacey said...

Oh, its all for selfish reasons. I'm not willing to wait on them to get around to fixing the problem. I thought having a green belt in my backyard would be nice, but it's not without it's downside.