Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is NOT Fun!

Over the weekend, I developed a good, old-fashioned, sinus infection. I felt really cruddy Sunday night and Monday and since I can’t take over-the-counter cold medicines (they wire me, make me agitated, make me feel like I’m in a fog, and make my heart race), I decided to call the doctor. Well, my doctor couldn’t get me in for a few days, so I went to the urgent care facility they have referred me to in the past. The doctor I saw determined I had a sinus infection and gave me an antibiotic…and not any antibiotic, but a fairly new on that was pretty pricey.

So I go home, take the antibiotic, rest on the couch for a while, and then get up and do a few things that I HAD to get done that evening. Early evening, I begin to notice small bumps on my fore arms. I call my nurse friend and resident medical advice giver, Rachel, and ask her what hives look like. We determined that my bumps were too small to be hives and since it hadn’t spread anywhere, she said to watch it and suggested taking some Benadryl. By time I went to bed that night, the bumps on my fore arms were red and they were starting to show up on the trunk of my body. By time I got up the next morning, most of my body looked sunburned and I had a rash from head to toe and itched like nobody’s business! Seems I’m allergic to the new high-priced antibiotic. Lovely.

This resulted in a call to the doctor who gave me the antibiotic and they called in another antibiotic. Yes, I got to pay for two antibiotics and what hacks me off is the second one was much cheaper and has to be taken for fewer days. Why didn’t they just give me that one in the first place? Oh I know why.

When I went to pick up the new prescription, the pharmacist suggested I take Benadryl for the next couple of days instead of my regular allergy medicine. So last night I decided since the box said I could take two, I would take two. I shouldn’t have taken two. When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t walk straight and kept running into things. Note to self…next time stick to one. And yes, I know there is non-drowsy Benadryl, but it has the same side affects listed previously.

So as it stands, I’m looking less sunburned, but still itching a lot (even inside my ears and mouth). This better go away soon!

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Anonymous said...

Just checking to see how you are feeling after this post. No update so was just a little concerned. Feeling better I hope?