Friday, May 23, 2008

Funny Little Random Story

A few weeks ago, some of my family came by my house for a little bit. My cousin’s 3 (almost 4) year-old daughter loves to “play cards” when she comes to my house. To her “playing cards” means we get out my Uno Attack game and take turns pushing the button until the cards come shooting out, and then we put all the cards back in and do it again. It keeps her entertained and requires little thought on my part.

This time when we were “playing cards” my Uno Attack game developed a little problem. Instead of shooting a few cards out like it normally does, it would shoot ALL the cards out. The first time it happened it was pretty funny because she was the one pushing the button and was drowning in a sea of cards. What was funnier is that she was the only one it would happen to. If it was aimed at Kinley, cards would come shooting out. If it was aimed at me…nothing (no matter who was pushing the button or how many times we pushed it).

Eventually she got them to shoot out at both me and her “Mimi”, but it was pretty much a guarantee if it was pointing at her, she was going to get covered. One of those moments when you really wish you had a video camera.

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