Thursday, May 15, 2008


Good Day
It has been a good day so far. Not a whole lot has happened, but one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world brought me a wonderful little thank you gift and a Sonic drink today. Sonic, cookies, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…doesn’t get any better than that (oh, and there was BBW lotion on top of that!) She said it was a belated “thank you” for watching her kids. I adore her kids, so I would have done it even if there wasn’t Sonic and chocolate involved! Thank Jenn for brightening my day…I’ve needed it lately.

Strategic Planning
I mentioned in a previous post that I put a lot of thought into planning out my errand running so that I use my time in the most efficient way. Tonight, I am so serious about it that I have a list…in the order I plan to visit the places. I gave it lots of thought. I decided to save all of my weekly errand for tonight. With the price of gas, errands definitely take some planning these days. My goal is to accomplish everything on my list before 9 p.m. Wish me luck!

Not Nuts about Nats (okay, Gnats)
I think I have also previously posted about my gnat problem. They have taken up residence in two of my house plants and I have been trying since last summer to get rid of them. They are REALLY bad right now and one of tonight’s errands is a last ditch attempt to save my plants and permanently rid myself of my gnat problem. I would just throw the plants out, but they have sentimental value and so I really don’t want to do that unless I have no other option. Back in March, I dumped them out, washed them off, washed out the pots, and re-potted them. I thought that solved my problem, but it didn’t last long. But something has to be done. They are really attracted to water…so much so that if I sit a drinking glass down for too long, it will have gnats floating in it. I’m telling you it’s GROSS! Ugh!

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