Thursday, August 13, 2009

Level Two...I Don't Think So

So I wrote a while back about a new work out I was trying. It was harder than it appeared, but it was a good hard. Since I'm the type that likes to test things, I decided to put the "30 Day" part to the test. Since August 1, I have done this workout every day. I felt like I had mastered Level 1 well enough to move on to Level 2.

What the heck!?!?!?! I was definitely sweating, but the problem is that she LOVES jumping jacks and any other movement that involves jumping. I on the other hand have knee and lower back problems from injuries I received as I child. I am not allowed to do jarring movements. That's why I'm not a runner...doctors have told me for years it's not allowed.

With the first level most of the jumping was for cardio purposes, so just substituted those movements with less impact/equal calorie burn activities. That is going to be a chore with this level. I'm going to have to replace 90% of the moves. Why bother then? I'm not completely giving up on level two...though I may have to put it off until Saturday when I have time to try to come up with some adjustments. But I don't dare try that again without modifications because I was hurting all night...and it was not a GOOD hurt, it was a "I've injured myself hurt" and that is not good.


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