Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mostly Because I Can't Stand the Picture I Posted Yesterday

I started going to a new dentist about a year ago. So far I like the office. Staff is nice and the dentist isn’t creepy like my previous one. I went in for a cleaning earlier today and I walked away thinking “hmm” about two things that happened while I was there.

First, the dentist told me I had a tooth that had a small cavity that he “recommended I fix” but it’s up to me. I have never had a dentist really give me an option. It was like he was trying to sell me some sort of extended warranty. “We recommend you purchase our warranty, but it’s completely up to you.” Normally the dentist says “you have a cavity and we need to schedule a time for you to come back in and get it fixed.” I am of course sitting in the chair thinking “I have no expertise in this area, so you just need to tell me what to do.” Strange. Since I have just recently changed dental insurance, I’m waiting to find out what the waiting period is before I schedule anything. What I also find strange is that it is in a front tooth. I’ve never had a cavity there before. Hmm.

The other “Hmmm” moment is almost more of a “What the Heck” moment. Because I have new insurance I needed to give them that information. The girl in the office looks at me and says “is this your husband’s insurance?” And not in a fact finding kind of way, but in an assumption kind of way. I think its interesting people always assume I’m married. People always assume I have kids. I’m not offended by it really, but just think it’s odd the assumptions people make.

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