Friday, February 19, 2010

Tulip Watch 2010

Tulip Watch 2010 has begun. I have tried planting tulips every year for the last 9 years. Only once have they come up and bloomed. I even tried daffodils once, and even though they came up every year, I only got one bloom ever. Tulips are not supposed to be this hard. Matter of fact, my mom digs hers up all the time trying to keep them from growing in a particular area of her yard…but they always come back. I on the other hand am lucky if they make it more than 2 inches above the ground. BUT this may just be my year!

Last fall my mom and I dug up tulips in her back yard and brought them home and started a flower bed around my bird bath since grass really wasn’t growing there anyway. Well, last weekend I was looking out the window and much to my surprise there were at least ten tulips starting to peak their heads through the soil. Seriously, you would have thought someone just gave me $1000 I was so excited!

Now I just have to hope that 1) the mole and the squirrels leave them alone; 2) the weather doesn’t hinder their growth (I’m told it shouldn’t, but that has not been my experience in the past); and 3) the landscapers don’t mow over or weed eat them (which is why flowerbed border is an impending purchase for me).

So here we go. The first picture of what I hope will be a beautiful tulip garden come spring.

All those little green spots...those are tulips!!!

Close up shot to prove it.

Now I need to think of other things to plant in that garden so it doesn’t look like a weedy mess when the tulips are gone. Thinking creeping flocks.

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Alyssa said...

Ooooh! I'm having a tulip watch at my house too! I planted 40 bulbs last fall (before having Jackson) in hopes that one, just one would come up. You have given me hope!! Thanks for documenting. If it weren't already dark I would go take a peak at mine.