Monday, April 05, 2010

Can't Complain One Bit

I can't complain about this past weekend one bit. Here is the bullet point run down:

- Found white leggings for $4
- Hung out with good friends
- Planted grass in the backyard (the kind you mow, not the kind you smoke...but stay tuned)
- Got the most "comical" pedicure to date (consisted of an little Asian man who had to be close to 50 who was dressed like a Rock Star, cold water, and purple toenails...which I chose)
- Had Easter lunch with friends (it was fun b/c I don't get to do the "family Sunday Lunch" thing very often).
- Wrapped up the day with a Bible study that consited of an unwanted guest in the form of a snake and neighbors smoking pot (told you to stay tuned).

Yep, can't complain one bit.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

My very first pedicure was by a little Asian man in Dallas! It was the absolute best one I've ever had! :)