Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Life Give You Lemons…

…chucking them at the world seems so much stress relieving than making lemonade. I try not to worry or stress about financial woes. Somehow it all works out and I’m sure that somehow, some way it will this time too. But its hard to imagine how at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I have a decent sense of humor about recent events…but it could turn to tears at any moment. Beware.

So in the last month I have had…

- One unforeseen car repair, and looking at a sooner than later break repair;
- An incident at home that has required me to make some security upgrades;
- And I just learned I need to purchase a new washing machine.

I’m also very aware of my blessings, but I’m too afraid to list them for fear that what ever force is attacking me right now will just find more ammunition. I shouldn’t be too surprised, I have NEVER had good luck. You don’t want to take me to Vegas…trust me.

So if you hear a loud banging somewhere, its just me beating my head against the wall.


Anonymous said...

Check out the web to see what rebates you can get for new appliances. Some states are offering rebates right now in addition to any local rebates that are being offered. If you must get a new one, this could be a great time.

Anonymous said...


try that, or google cash for appliances. good luck. and sorry about the lemons.

Stacey said...

Thanks. I was already on it when I got these email notifcations. FOR ONCE one of these government deals may actually help me. Normally there is something that keeps me from qualifying.