Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on Washing Machine

Last night I finally felt like I was finally making some headway on one of my "must take care of immediately" to-do's for the week. I researched washing machines and found 3 at Lowe's that would qualify for the Cash for Appliances program in my state. But when I went to ask a store employee a question about one of the washing machines (AND an additional discount Lowe's has right now) he informed me that the start date for the program had been bumped to May 8 instead of April 22. Sure enough when I checked online this morning...doesn't start until May 8. So you better bet I'm going to find a way to get by without a washing machine until May 8.

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Herndon4 said...

Hey, neighbor -

You're welcome to bring your laundry over here any time! You can even start it before work and come get it after if you want to.