Friday, April 30, 2010

From Smart Cars to Barbies

Has anyone seen one of these?

It is a ForTwo Smart Car. I wish I had the picture of the one I saw. It was grey with pink and black trim. All I have to say is that I would hate to get hit by a Mack Truck driving one of those. Seriously, my Barbie jeep was bigger than this thing.

Speaking of my Barbie Barbies used to travel like the Clampetts when they took Barbie road trips. I would put a couch across the back seat and at least 8 were good to travel (Skipper often had to ride under the couch and the luggage got shipped to the destination...but they all fit).

I miss my Barbies. Actually my mom still has most of my Barbie stuff. She was holding on to it so that my daughter could play with it. Not looking good for that to be happening. It may be time to consider selling off the Barbie collection. I think there are at least 3 tubs of them in her basement (dolls, accessories, and furniture). Sadly, most are not worth anything for a collector...a few of them had hair cuts. Did you know that you can't cut bangs on Barbies?


Haskew said...

We see these bad boys all over Vienna, smart cars that is, not barbies. Haven't seen one smashed up yet, but the rescue helicopter station is real close to our apartment, I can only imagine the stories they could tell.

Ashley said...

I still have all of my Barbies too! They are all in bins in my closet at my parents house.

OK Chick said...

The days of Barbies.