Monday, April 17, 2006

Give Me A Break!

Post Office Man
Over my lunch hour, I ran to the post office to mail a package. Big mistake, since everyone was trying to mail in their taxes. I’m standing in line waiting to use the do-it-yourself machine (which was a long wait). I finally get up there, and start going through the process. Now, let me say that I have done this SEVERAL times before, so I knew what I was doing.

All of sudden I had this feeling of someone looking over my shoulder. I was reading through the “does your package…” list when I hear this man say, “it’s none of these”. How the heck does he know what is in my package in the first place. But more important, can we say “PERSONAL SPACE?” There was absolutely no reason for that man to be standing so close and he was seriously invading not only my personal space, but my comfort zone as well! I felt like I was in Poland all over again. Matter of fact, he was so close that when I went to pick up my package, I hit him with my elbow and dropped my box. To this man I would like to again say “DUDE! BACK UP!”

Lady in Car Who Needed A Chill Pill
On my way back to work, there was this lady in the car behind me. She was tailing me really close, so I was trying to be cautious and not to stop too fast. There wasn’t much I could do because there was a trash truck in front of me. Knowing that I was getting close to my turn and strongly sensing that she was already in such a hurry, I turned on my turn signal a little sooner than I needed to and started slowing down. When I finally stopped to turn, she throws her hands up in the air as in to say “what are you doing idiot!” Hey, lady, don’t throw your hand in the air at me, I gave you plenty of warning I was about to turn, why didn’t you just change lanes when you had the chance and go around me?

Phone Book Advertising Sales Guy
There is this man that has been coming by our office A LOT lately trying to get us to run advertising in his phone book. He’s bugged me in the past when he just worked for Fiest, but now Fiest has bought out another phone book and he’s doing double duty and being double annoying. He stopped by two weeks ago when I was out sick for the day. He stopped by again the next day. I told him I would have to run it by my boss and I told him he would be out the rest of the week. But in addition, I really didn’t think it was something we would do. He then came by again on Friday (uh, I told you I wouldn’t have an answer for you yet). Then I was out sick the first two days of last week, and he came by then too. And today, I was in a meeting and he came by yet AGAIN. GO AWAY!!!

Someone needs to warn this man that when you bug me too much and don’t take no for an answer, I get irritated and I’m bound to tell you exactly what I think. Despite rumors, I’m really not a mean person, but I do have personal space issues.

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