Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sometimes A Girl Just Can't Get A Break!

I’m trying to be good. I don’t go out to eat much at all (generally lunch once a week with Jenn and maybe a fast food run through if I get desperate). I’ve not been “shopping” in a long time. I have only spent $29 on stuff to wear since December (that’s 1 pair of shoes and two shirts). I pay all my bills on time. I have seen VERY few movies (4 I think, and one was free) since the first of the year. I have been very careful in my spending. I’ve put everything extra in my savings account for emergencies (including my tax refund). I have made every attempt to not add to any debt that I already have. I’ve been GOOD!!! Why is it then that I am still being punished! If it’s not paying to remove a varmint from my attic, it’s my car. Most recently it’s my car. I do everything required to keep my car in good running condition, but it never fails. Since February, I’ve replaced spark plugs, rotors, and effective today, a catalytic converter. Oh, and it couldn’t be the cheaper and easier to replace catalytic converter. NOOOOO, it has to be the expensive one that is harder to get to. 30 minutes labor verses 4 hours. I feel like I need to start my own Save Karyn website. I’m on the verge of having as much debt that she did and very little of mine was on fun stuff! I’m just PRAYING nothing major happens at my house any time soon or I’m screwed!

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