Friday, April 14, 2006

Road Rage is the Least of My Problems

Today I am suffering from a serious case of Road Rage. I went to go run errands during my lunch hour. One of those errands, the most important I mind you, was finding some place to drop off my ONG bill. Normally I mail it, but I had to wait to pay this one till my roommate got paid this month and it is due Monday. So I get online to find an ONG drop location. Homeland was the closest, so I went there first. Can I just say I hate Homeland (but that's a whole other post). Anyway, there were way too many people in line and a sign that said something about it taking their bill pay service five days…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I left to go find a drop box location.

I couldn’t remember most of the drop off locations from the website, but did notice that you could drop it off at various bank locations (now I thought the website said BankOne, but we’ll come back to that in a little bit). I knew where all the banks were on Bryant, so I decided to try to find a BankOne. No luck. So this begins my search for a BankOne location. I some how remembered the address for the one on Broadway, so I started heading that way. Here is where the road rage comes into play.

Traffic was already bad when I was heading to Homeland, but it was even worse up by UCO. HOLY COW, I think every human being who has today off was in their car today. It was ridicules, plus I was running out of time to get back to work. I found myself wanting to pound my hands on the horn and just yell at everyone to get out of my way. I don’t like crowds, they make me Closter phobic, so I think bumper to bumper traffic has the same effect on me. My frustrations were irrational because everyone was in bumper to bumper traffic, but I just wanted breathing room and driving space. I just wanted the cars to part like the Red Sea!

I was finally able to find my way out of the abyss of cars and head for 1515 S. Broadway. Since I wasn’t exactly sure where this was, I was still a little frustrated with the number of vehicles because it’s hard to look for an address – on a building mind you – with a SUV on your tail. After a parking lot turn around, I finally made it to 1515 S. Broadway…or at least what used to be 1515 S. Broadway. It had been torn down – recently. Bulldozers were still there clearing the debris. Ugh!!!! I’m now late to work and still haven’t found any place to drop off my ONG payment. I gave up, came back to work, begged for a stamp (did I mention I have not a dime in my wallet…I never made it to an ATM), and I am now praying that my payment isn’t late!

But here is where the story gets oh so much better…when I got back to the office, I started writing my blog post. I went to add a link to BankOne and noticed that it had changed to Chase. I saw plenty of Chase locations while I was out. I was also curious if maybe I had remembered the address correctly for the place that had been torn down, so I went back to the ONG website. The address was correct, the bank wasn’t. I was supposed to be looking for a Bank of Oklahoma, not a BankOne! So I drove all over town, looking for the wrong bank which happened to be a bank that doesn’t even exist anymore! I give up!!!

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Krista said...

I share your pain. As you know, I am a fellow road rage-aholic. I had to run an errand downtown this afternoon. There was some crazy old man driving the wrong way on 6th (which is a one-way road). Then some other crazy person tried to pull a u-turn in a place that's clearly marked "no u-turns" while I was making a legal turn onto that road. That almost resulted in a head on collision. Once I got back to Edmond I stopped at the store. As I was backing out of the spot the person across the aisle started backing out too. So I stopped to let them go but they stopped to. When I started again...they started again! UGH!!!! I seriously considered ramming them!