Monday, April 17, 2006

Missing Shoes

I’m so frustrated. I was getting ready to leave for church Sunday morning and went to get my only pair of white dress shoes, and much to my disappointment, they were GONE. I tried searching my closet because they had to be there and should be easy to find because I keep them in a shoe box, but they were no where to be found. Since I was running late for church by this point, I just put on a different skirt and found a different pair of shoes.

When I got home from church, I had a “hunt” of my own…not for eggs but for my shoes! They had to be there somewhere. I hadn’t worn them since last summer and when I moved, I packed all of my shoe boxes together. And they’re in a shoe box. They can’t be that hard to miss. Since I’ve already unpacked all of my boxes (not necessarily put everything away yet, but they’re all unpacked) I was at a loss. I checked my suitcases, I checked under my bed. I checked my closet AGAIN, and I checked the closet in the spare room. No where to be found.

There are only two places that I haven’t checked yet…the holiday decoration boxes and the garage sale box. If they are in either of those two places, someone else put them there. I can’t imagine that they fell out in the moving process because surely I would have found them in one of my many trips back to the house. And if by some mishap they ended up with Jeana’s stuff, she would have noticed by now because we have a little bit of a size difference when it comes to our shoes.

So if you find a pair of short heeled, white open-toed sandals running around without an owner, please bring them home. They’re too young to be out running around on their own (even in shoe life). Thank you!

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