Monday, May 08, 2006

I Almost Feel Bad For Laughing

So, I mentioned in an earlier post that when my brother tried to help me rid my attic of raccoons and snakes, he had a little run in with a squirrel. Well, it seems he had another little mishap a few days ago.

I'm not sure what lead to the excursion up to the roof, but I guess my brother had reason to believe he had a squirrel issue of his own. Rumor has it he climbed up on the roof to resolve the issue. Once he was up there, he leaned over the edge to measure how big the hole was he needed to cover when (and I'm laughing just thinking about it) the squirrel came running out at him! As a result, he proceeded to fall off the roof of their two-story home. Luckily the only thing he did was dislocate his shoulder, but the fact that the squirrels seems to have it out for him makes me laugh!

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