Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jenny Doll

This is a picture of my favorite doll when I was little. Her name was Jenny. This isn't exactly my doll - this one is a picture off of ebay. MY Jenny doll has screwed up hair and her head is barely attached to her body, probably because I carried her around by her hair all the time. I still have my Jenny doll. She's at my mom's house somewhere. I thought about buying this one, but not sure if it's really the same if it's not MY Jenny doll. Anyway, this was a walk down memory lane.


Karen said...

You could always get it just to hang onto the memory.

Krista said...

Honestly, I don't remember the Jenny doll. I was all about Cabbage Patch Kids when I was younger. My favorite was a little boy cabbage patch kid named Humphrey. I took him everywhere with me.

Stacey said...

Jenny Doll was probably before your time. I also had an Audry and my brother had a Joey, but Jenny was my favorite.