Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nashville Star

I know that most people reading this could care less about today’s topic, but well, I don’t care. It’s my blog and I’ll write about Nashville Star if I want to!

I have never been ashamed to admit that I love Nashville Star. It’s the only reality show I regularly watch. Last night was the season finale and well, my boy Chris Young is the new Nashville Star. I had him predicted to win from pretty early on. Actually, I think he will probably be the most successful Nashville Star to ever win the show. Actually, Buddy Jewel (season 1) is the only other Nashville Star to actually find any level of success following the show (nothing huge, but he’s still out there – I haven’t heard squat from his to predecessors).

So anyway, back to last night. I actually predicted it quite well. Nicole Jamrose (who I think is okay, but not great) came in third and then it was down to Casey Rivers and Chris Young. I really hope that Casey ends up with a record deal because of this show too because he has an AWESOME singing voice, but Chris really did have the over-all “star” quality. It’s definitely the first time that I would actually pay to see a Nashville Star winner in concert or buy their CD. I’m anxious to see what the future holds for both of them.

I do have to admit that Chris Young has made my “crush list”. He’s young and I’m not really into cradle robbing, but he would be worth reconsidering that policy for. On the surface, he has a lot of the qualities of my idea of the “Perfect Guy”. Attractive, but not so good looking that he acts like he knows it. Driven, but has a playful side (I’m finding that is a really important quality to me). He can sing (seriously ladies, who wouldn’t melt if some guy you were dating serenaded you with a song he wrote about you?) Confident in his abilities, but not cocky. And most important loves his family.

Over-all, this was my favorite year of Nashville Star. Next year will have a hard time toping it.

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