Monday, May 15, 2006

Sleep Aid Mishap

About a year ago, my mom’s doctor put her on a sleep-aid to help her…well, sleep. She didn’t take them regularly, but we started to notice when she did take them, she would do some weird things. She was IM my aunt one night really late saying some really random things. She’d also been known to have conversations on the phone she was unaware of. This really started to freak her out, so she stopped taking them.

I found out this weekend that a while back, she got phone calls from two different online dating services about her account. Obviously my mom’s first response was “I don’t have an online dating account.” She told them that she didn’t know who signed her up, but it was against her will and she wanted to be removed. That’s when they told her SHE signed up. Of course, she didn’t believe this because there was no way she would do something like that. In the course of their conversation, she discovered that they had information about her that no one else could have possibly given them (not even information they could have found online). This had her pretty freaked out. Seems she signed up around the same time she was having all of her other sleep issues and it appears this was another one of her sleeping escapades.

Maybe Stacey’s Mom does have it going on. (Ewww…why did I just go there?)


Suzy said...

I guess the important question to ask here is did she get any dates out of the deal?

Stacey said...

Not that she's admitting to.

tams said...

My mom tried a sleep aid a couple weeks ago. She called me and now has absolutely no recollection of the conversation we had -- which lasted approximately 45 minutes. It was very strange and also rather humorous.

Stacey said...

Seriously, there was a woman on the Today show that was taking Ambien (sp?) which is what my mom was on and she would wake up and start eating things in the kitchen with no recollection. SCARY!