Friday, October 20, 2006

I Have the Phone and I’m Not Afraid to Use It!

I put a post on Lindsy’s blog earlier today and then realized it probably sounds dumb if you don’t know the story and well…most of my readers probably don’t know the story. It’s actually kind of dumb anyway, but I still laugh at my attempt at bravery. I was sure I had posted this story in the past, but it looks like I actually haven’t, so here you go…

Summer after my sophomore year in college, I lived with 4 other girls in a 3 bedroom apartment. To this day, that was probably one of the funnest summers of my life. All kinds of crazy things happened that summer, but this was probably one of our most memorable experiences.

One evening, Denise, Tracy, Jill, Cindy (Jill’s sister who was visiting for a few days) and I all went to a bible study at our campus minister’s house. Our fourth roommate, Lisa, had other plans and was still at the house when we left. When we got back, Lisa was gone and everything seemed normal – till we looked down the hall way. All the doors were closed, but had been open when we left. We didn’t think much of it till Cindy went down the hall and tried to go into Jill’s room. When she tired to open the door, there was some resistance and the second she took her hand off the door, it closed. She comes back down the hall and informs us she thinks there is someone in Jill & Lisa’s room. Then the fact that all the doors were closed became more alarming.

We’re all standing in the living room trying to decide what to do. So we all grab the “butcher” knives we had in the kitchen (that probably couldn’t even cut butter they were so dull – yet I still have them), and prepare to run out of the apartment to plan our “attack”. Some one told me to grab the cordless phone, so I did. And in my attempt to try to be brave – I yell down the hall “I have the phone and I’m not afraid to use it.” Problem was, there was another phone in the room we suspected to have an intruder – all he had to do was take it off the hook and I wouldn’t be able to call out. Oh, and when I get outside the girls are laughing because they thought I said “I have the phone and I know how to use it.”

So here we are, all five of us standing outside the apartment with dull butcher knives and a cordless phone, trying to decide what our next plan of action was. Since we weren’t exactly sure if we had an intruder or not, we didn’t want to call 911 or apartment security. So we called a friend of Jill & Cindy’s who lived in our complex with some other BIG guys. Not wanting to look stupid, we hid the butcher knives in the bushes before the guys got there.

After a couple of minutes they arrive, baseball bats in hand, prepared to save the day. We all go inside as the guys proceed to open all of our doors and inspect closets, showers and under the bed. The last room they come to is the one with the suspected intruder. One of the guys pushes open the door and then enters the room. A few seconds later, he walks down the hall with a grin on his face. He found our intruder. It was a towel that had slipped off the back of the door. They figure the reason the door closed as soon as Cindy let go was because of a draft.

They got a good laugh out of it and we had yet another story to add to the summer craziness.

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