Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Need an ego boost, call a plumber!

When I first moved in, my toilet was leaking around the base, so I called the warranty company and they came out and “fixed” it. Problem was, they didn’t fix it correctly and 10 months later, I started having the problem again. So called them again and asked for it to be fixed right this time. This time they sent out a plumber

First of all, my plumber looked a lot like Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts. He was really nice and I think was kind of hitting on me a little. Turns out he lost his wife six years ago to breast cancer and has been raising his son and daughter on his own since then (they’re both in college now). He was giving me all kinds of relationship “advice” while he was fixing my toilet (which was done correctly this time). We talked about the woman he’s dating now and the guys I’ve dated in the past (he thinks the guys I’ve dated are stupid to not realize what they had – I concur). =o)

So, this is the second time I’ve kind of gotten a much needed ego boost from a plumber. If it didn’t cost me $45 every time they sent someone out, I would probably break something every time I needed to feel good about myself.

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