Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things That Make Me Laugh

I read the following article on MSN today and it just cracked me up (maybe because it reminded me of a story someone told me about a friend of his and a “waxing incident.”) I’m not sure if I really have an opinion on the subject. I guess as long as it’s not in excess, I could care less.

The Return of Chest Hair
By Jessica Pressler

A little while ago, movie stars like Heath Ledger and Hugh Jackman and then just regular dudes started turning up at parties with their shirts unbuttoned. Not, like, all-the-way-to-the-navel, Vinnie-at-the-club unbuttoned-but undone enough to let a few tendrils of chest hair curl out suggestively, as if to say, I am Man. Feel me.

It's not that I'm a chest hair fetishist, exactly. I just prefer it. The bald male chest is disconcerting to me in the same way that a hairless dog is. It seems unnatural, as though it's been engineered by science, and it's sort of vain. Plus, I like a little something to stroke and pet and tug on, a springy, hairy pillow on which to lay my head. A quick text-message poll confirmed that fourteen of fifteen female friends agreed. "Yes!!!" wrote one. "Liking lush forest!" replied another.

And there you have it. The area rugs popularized by Hugh et al. are more than just decorative statements; they're welcome beacons of masculinity in a too-calm sea of feyness. They're a rebuttal to the androgynous Jude Law pretty-boy aesthetic and the skinny-pantsed Strokesification of our time. In short: Your chest hair is hot. Own it.
But wait! A new text has arrived: "H8 back hair, tho." Um, yeah. Don't cancel that salon appointment just yet. The women of America are not ready for the full shag.

Who Brought the Cat?

A co-worker sent me this picture yesterday. It cracks me up, yet raises so many questions, like:

1) Who thought it would be a good idea to take the cat along for the ride in the first place? None of our cats ever liked water, so did they not think this might not go well?

2) Where is the picture of the cat when it hits the water (now that REALLY would have been funny)?

3) Does the cat have claws? If so, was it smart to put it in an inflatable raft in the first place?

4) If by some chance the cat was PhotoShopped in, but if so, what did someone do to that poor cat (I can’t believe I just used the phrase “poor cat”) to get that reaction out of it.

Though, then again, I can just see those little girls INSISTING that their kitty come along for the ride (the same little girls have probably dressed and tortured that cat in the past).


The Anonymous One said...

Okay, that picture of the cat was hilarious! Thanks I needed that big time!

Krista said...

Can cats swim? It's a funny picture but I want to know the thought process of the family who did this. You'd think it was clear how bad of an idea that is. I guess we just give some people too much credit.

Stacey said...

I don't know if they can swim, but I sure know they don't like water. When we were kids, my mom thought it would be funny to send our cat down the waterslide we made out of our swing set and into the kiddie pool we put at the bottom. Cat didn't like that much and to this day, I'm surprised it was my MOM that did it and not one of us kids. =o)

Suzy said...

No, cats can't swim. They hate water. Maybe they have a cat that is genetically altered to like water.

On the chest hair thing...a long time ago a certain someone at my bible study told us all about how he shaves his entire body. Not just his chest, his entire body! TMI if you ask me!

Stacey said...

I had a blind date with a body builder one time that shaved his arms. Every time he's crack a joke, he'd elbow me and they were all prickly and I didn't like that one bit. If you're going to shave it, maintain it!