Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Day in the Life Of

Well, we got rid of the raccoon yesterday. The pest control guy came out and removed him from the attic and took him elsewhere. Our upstairs now smells like raccoon again and we’re desperately trying to get rid of the scent.

I have learned some things about raccoons through out all of this (actually becoming quite the expert). For example, unlike most animals who mark their territory to repel other animals from entering their domain (i.e. dogs), raccoons mark their territory as in to say “hey guys, the party is here!” Seems raccoons are attracted to the scent of other raccoons. Lovely! I was advised to try purchasing some coyote urine and spraying it in my attic to attempt to repel them. Melissa’s comment was the best when she said “well, just add that to shopping list…eggs, milk, bread, coyote urine.”

I have also learned that raccoons are quite the acrobats, so to Mr. Roberts who asked, “well, how did they get up there” that’s your answers! And, it seems that raccoons have a serious sweet tooth. Marshmallows are their favorite, but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches work well too (no joke!)

Based off of a website some one sent to me, this information is the most disturbing to me: “In attics and wall voids, the build-up of raccoon feces and urine can constitute health hazards to the homeowner.” All I have to say is YUCK! I’m serious…these little boogers are quickly depleting my savings. So much for a fence and new floors any time soon!

On the plus side, when I went home at lunch, it looked like the hole in the attic vent has been fixed. I don’t know about the roof since that can’t be seen from the ground. I guess we’ll see how the next few weeks go. As for the snake, I’m having mixed feelings. I don’t like that he’s up there, BUT it does keep rodents out. I never go up there anyway. Then again, with my luck, he’d die up there…on my end no doubt!

I would like to say this chapter has been brought to a close, but I seriously doubt it. I attract bad luck if you haven’t noticed. Then again thing could be worse. I could have a bear in my back yard or a hippo in my bathtub…it could happen!


Krista said...

Where does one go to purchase coyote urine?

Stacey said...

Good question. I hear Academy. I'll let you know if I ever get brave enough to purchase it.

Funny side note, my mom called last night to say she found someone to come get my snake when/if I catch it. A girl (yes a girl) she goes to church works for a zoo and would like to have it for their zoo. So to all of those "milktoast" men that were too afraid to take care of it for me, I have found a girl half your size to do it for me. HA!

Suzy said...

I never even thought about asking Sandi if she would want it. Since the monkey's are attacking she might be looking for another area.