Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Highlights from Tuesday

First and foremost (and I’m not ashamed to admit this), last night was the start of Season 4 of Nashville Star. Really the only reality show I have consistently followed. I was sooo excited!!! There really was only one contestant that I really wasn’t fond of (Jewels Hanson), but they got rid of her last night. She looked so stunned…almost “how dare you all give me the boot.” It was almost like no one had ever told her that she really isn’t as talented as she thought she was. She was the only one that all the judges basically said they weren’t impressed with her performance. Honestly, she looks like the type that if she got a recording contract, it would go to her head, she’d drink more that I assume she already does, and end up in rehab before she even had a chance to really make it big. Chick, they did you a favor – trust me! As for the others, they all sounded pretty decent, but nothing so far that really makes any of them stand out in a crowd. They need to work on that if they don’t want to be like the past two contestants who win this recording contract and you still hear nothing out of them on the radio. It’s like they get their 15 minutes of fame and then nothing. Buddy Jewel is about they only one you still hear any thing out of and his career probably isn’t as big as he hoped it would be. Four years later and he’s still the open act or doing state fairs. See, I told you I got into this! Oh, and one more side note - I love Phil Vasser & Anastasia Brown! Phil is just super nice (he can't say anything mean to ANY of the contestants, no matter what), plus he's fun to watch in concert. And Anastasia has the greatest hair ever!!!

Second, we got a new color copier at work yesterday. It’s much nicer than the one we had. It actually prints things the color they’re supposed to be. AND it duplexes, so when I need to print a brochure, I don’t have to run side one then flip it over and run side two. Woo Hoo!

I also made the day of what looked like a fourteen-year-old from some Baptist church. I was leaving Sonic and I looked up and some guy was waving at me out of the front passenger van window. At first I thought it was someone from church, so I waved back, till I realized that wasn’t one of our vans, and I didn’t know this kid. He got all excited and turned around to his buddies – only to say (I assume), “dude, she waved!” Yeah, I’ve always had a way with 13 & 14-year-old boys. Ones my age are another story. =o)

That’s all for Tuesday. We’ll see what happens today!

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